Who am I ?

I am a visual artist, printmaker, activist and arts educator based in Johannesburg, South Africa. In 2015, I completed my Master’s in Fine Art at the University of Johannesburg in which I engaged in research about the role of art in addressing the horrific levels of violence against women and children in South Africa. I am currently the 2nd year coordinator at Artist Proof Studio (APS).

I have exhibited in a number of exhibitions, including having my first solo exhibition at the 2017 ABSA Klein Karoo Nasionale Kunstefees in Outshoorn / South Africa. I have received various awards throughout my career, among which are merit awards for both the ABSA L’Atelier Art Competition and the Thami Mnyele Fine Art Awards. I work predominantly in the fields of printmaking, drawing and painting. Within printmaking I like to experiment with alternative photographic processes such as Cyanotype, Van Dyke Brown photographic printing as well as Photopolymer. I also have a huge passion for monotype, linocut, drypoint and non-toxic etching techniques. My emphasis in the visual fine arts encompasses activist work to more humorous and playful pieces.


2008 Metric Art Award, Bryanston High School
2012 NFR Research Assistant Bursary
2012 Merit Award from Absa L’Atelier
2012 Thami Mnyele Fine arts Awards: Art on Paper Merit
2013 Top 100 finalist of the Absa L’ Atelier
2013 National Arts Council Bursary
2014 University of Johannesburg MTech Supervisor’s Bursary
2013 Top 100 Finalist Thami Mnyele Fine Arts Awards


2013 Belgium: Antwerp exchange/ Residency for three months. Skills acquired: stone lithography printing, developing analogue photographs.
2014 Belgium: Antwerp Work shop on Helio-gravure


2011 Joburg Fringe
2011 Aardklop National Arts Festival
2011 Final 3rd year exhibition at FADA University of Johannesburg
2012 Student exhibition at FADA Gallery at University of Johannesburg
2012 North and South exhibition curated by Gordon Froud, Joburg Fringe
2012 Thami Mnyele Fine Arts Awards
2012 Transitions and Augmentation: A 2012 Fine art BTech collection, FADA Gallery
2013 2013 FADA Student Exhibition
2013  North and South exhibition curated by Gordon Froud,
2014 Paul Baylis Opening Gallery
2014 Klein Karoo Kunste National Arts Festival (KKNK) In Outshoorn Absa Exhibition
2015 Klein Karoo Kunste National Arts Festival (KKNK) In Outshoorn: My Land- Landmarks exhibition, curated by Diane Victor
2016 Sasol New Signature 2016.
2016 Over my dead body – MTech exhibition at Constitution Hill: Women’s jail, Johannesburg, South Africa.
2017 Klein Karoo Kunste National Arts Festival (KKNK) In Outshoorn: Fear and Greed, Curated by Paul Baylis. Over My Dead Body – Solo Exhibition
2017 Klein Karoo Kunste National Arts Festival (KKNK) In Outshoorn: The Confessional, Curated by Libby Battson
2017 „ずれた- Zureta“ to be held in the Chinretsukan-Exhibition Hall of the University of the Arts in Tokyo
2017 Femicide: Exhibition for women’s month in B les, University of Johannesburg Kingsway Campus, Johannesburg. South Africa
2018 She impressions ii: Artist Proof Studio women’s show.
2019 Wunderkammer Exhibition at Henry George Gallery
2019 Artist Proof Studio: A Journey in Co-creation. FADA Gallery
2019 Artist Proof Studio: RMB Turbine Art Fair: July 2019
2020 The Printing Girls: a contemporary collective of South African Female printers, at the Art Room Parkhurst
2020 16 Prints for 16 days of Activism against women and child abuse. An exhibition by the printing girls in collaboration with association of arts Pretoria.
2020 Absa Aspire Art Auctions.


2017 Klein Karoo Kunste National Arts Festival (KKNK) In Outshoorn: Over my dead Body!