Something Fishy

Linocut 13 x 30 cm

Linocut 70 x 99 cm

dun dun dun dun … dun dun ..

Linocut & Monotype

A5 Monotypes

A4 Monotypes

Something’s fishy is an ongoing and evolving body of work that consists of a variety of different scales of prints as well as printmaking techniques. Within the this  series I explore a multitude of themes that attempts to give life back to the bones of the ocean. I have found such joy in experimenting with combining different printmaking techniques. I consider this body of work as place to contemplate a vast ocean of memories and experiences. Each work within the series often has contrasting undertones that vary from melancholy to dry cheerful humor. The work is a product of sifting through the noisy confusions of life in attempt to find peace in the silence. Click the images above to see the full version of the images.